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Duration: 40 hours

Date: from Monday 16 July 2018 to Friday 27 July 2018

Place: Centro Internacional, Avda. Ciudad Jardín 20-22 Sevilla, 41005 Spain

Maximum number of students: 15 students/group

Timetable: 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

The Study Abroad Intensive Spanish course is taught by native teachers who have extensive experience teaching foreign students. The methodology of this course will accelerate the development of skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing Spanish at an intermediate level. The course will focus on communication and comprehension skills, in addition to building on the grammar base acquired in elementary courses.

In small groups of a maximum of 15 students, the student will learn and practise specific mechanisms, functions and cultural, pragmatic and formal components of the language. Class work places emphasis on using and combining different teaching methods which will enhance the student’s learning, for example notional functional approaches and cooperative learning.

Students enrolled in this course will achieve a level defined as ¨independent user¨ by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which means that they will have sufficient autonomy to carry out the majority of exercises that require the use of language in Spanish-speaking countries.


The goals of the course are to enable the student:

• to deal with the majority of circumstances which may arise in a Spanish-speaking region, including day to day interaction.

• to produce simple, coherent texts on familiar themes or themes with a personal interest.

• to talk about and describe experiences, events, hopes and aspirations, and to give basic justification for their opinions and explain plans.

•to read simple texts on topics related to their interests with a satisfactory level of understanding.


During the course, students’ progress will be analysed by means of continual assessment in which attendance as well as participation within the classroom and the completion of tasks will be taken into account.

At the end of the course, all the students’ skills will be evaluated: their written and oral expression and comprehension, as well as their knowledge of formal language and culture. The Spanish Language final grade will be stated on the certificate given to the student.


Course price: €400 per student

Pre-registration Period: from 1 June to 25 June 2018



Students are advised to get into contact directly with the following Residences.

The prices shown are approximate referring to the period starting 15 July to 27 July.

Residence Rector Estanislao del Campo: Single room. Breakfast included: around €500

Address: Ctra. Su Eminencia, 2A, 41013 Sevilla

Phone: + 34 955 06 24 80

Residence Ramón Carande 

Shared flat only: around €300

Address: Calle Antonio Maura Montaner, 1, 41013 Sevilla

Phone: + 34 954 32 30 00

Youth hostel Inturjoven Sevilla

Only accommodation (up to 25 years): around €303

Only accommodation (26 years and above): around €355
Address: C/ Isaac Peral, 2 · 41012 Sevilla

Phone: +34 955 181 181


Oficina Study Abroad
Av. Ciudad Jardín 20-22

Seville 41005, Spain
Tel: +34 556098



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