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Cursos a la carta

Cursos y Seminarios para grupos. Son elaborados y coordinados por el Centro Internacional a petición de Universidades e Instituciones, y serán adaptados a las necesidades específicas de sus estudiantes.

La duración puede variar, desde días a varias semanas, y  pueden impartirse a distintos niveles.

El programa didáctico solicitado puede ser impartido tanto por profesorado de la US,  como por profesorado de la Universidad solicitante.

La formación puede impartirse en Español o en Inglés.

La oferta formativa puede ser complementada, de forma opcional, con actividades culturales, visitas y seminarios o conferencias a demanda de los grupos interesados.

Todos los solicitantes deben tener cumplidos los 18 años de edad y tener superado el nivel de acceso a la Universidad en su país de origen.

A la finalización del Programa puede emitirse certificado de asistencia o aprovechamiento a los asistentes.

Puede consular un listado con ejemplos de programas recientemente organizados por la Universidad de Sevilla:


St. John’s University (USA)

The USJ and US collaborate on the creation of a joint academic program for USJ students at the University of Seville.

Since AY 2011-12 over 700 students have visited our University.

The 5 weeks stay in Seville includes English taught lessons about diferent study areas such as Psychology, History of the Church, Spanish Language or Ethics taught by our own teaching staff or teachers  who have been directly chosen by the University.

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San Diego University (USA)

In 2013 and 2014 about 100 students from San Diego University visited our Institution for a 4 weeks period. During their stay they attended courses taught by San Diego’s University teaching staff in the mornings while in the afternoon special attention was paid to historical, artistic and cultural activities in Seville and Andalusia, including visits to Granada, Cordoba  and Cadiz. The students enjoyed guided visits to the Cathedral and Giralda, Alcázares, Santa Cruz Quarter. They could also participate in a Spanish cooking workshop, Flamenco classes or a football match.

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Michigan, Cornell, Pennsylvania (USA)

About 200 students have visited Seville during the last years. They are attending to regular classes and we are also organising cultural visits to the most relevants places of the city (Cathedral, Alcázar, Fine Arts Museum) Lectures about Seville Traditions, Contemporary Politic in Europe and Spain or Spanish Gastronomy are being held.

Dong Fang International Beijing (China)

Since AY 2011-12 we work together with this Chinese Institution that brings Chinese students to Spain through the Study Abroad in Seville (SABIUS) program, which is a Spanish language program coordinated by the International Centre of the University of Seville.  The Study Abroad program offers several options of courses filled with dynamic content and with very competitive prices in their different options. Candidates can choose between courses lasting 15, 26 and 35 weeks; an 80-hour Summer course and also tailor-made courses for groups of at least 15 students. Along with Spanish language lessons, the program offers a wide range of activities such as workshops, cultural activities and guided visits to the most important monuments and museums in Seville and also cultural events which take place in the city throughout the year.

Methodist University of Piracicaba (Brazil)

In October 2011 and October 2014 we organised an International Week of Brame Studies with several seminars about business, marketing and economy. The lecturers were part of the teaching staff of our University and representative members of successful Spanish companies. The program also included camp visits to local enterprises.

We are currently organizing a new edition which will take place in October 2016.

Universidad de Campinas (Brazil)

Last January a five days seminar for Brazilian students  who wish to improve their knowledge about the Spanish Internationalization,  Logistics and Entrepreneurship was organised. Classes were taught by our University Faculty of Tourism staff and Companies and cultural visits such as Airbus aerospace industry or the installations of the Port of Seville were organized.

Northeastern Illinois University (USA)

25 students from Chicago visited us last June. They stayed in Seville during one month. The group was headed by Prof. Farzaneh and attended to classes taught by its own staff while attending to activities during the afternoon organized by University of Sevilla professors. This group also visited Granada, Córdoba and Cádiz during their stay.

Associazione Albergatori ed imprese turistiche della Provincia di Trento – ASAT (ITALY)

A Short Term Education Program on REVENUE MANAGEMENT took place at the Faculty of Tourism and Finance from November 10th to 12th, 2015. It was organized by the STUDY ABROAD Office. The seminar consisted of 16 lecture hours about Basic practical training, Revenue Management and its application in small and medium sized hotels.

59 young hoteliers from the north of Italy participated and a certificate with the detailed contents was issued.

Moscow State Institute of the International Relations. MGIMO University (Russia)

We organized a one week course for Russian instructors of Spanish and translators from this University in January 2016

Their aim is to update their knowledge about the current Spanish situation in order to get a better comprehension of the contemporary texts and publications.

Experts on different subjects such as International Politics, Military, Mass media, Arts or Economy  taught short seminars, 3 hours each one,  specifically focused to meet their interests.

The  attendants also enjoyed guided visits to the Cathedral and Giralda, Alcázares, Santa Cruz Quarter and the Flamenco Museum.

Florida International University (EEUU)

In May 2016  25 students from FIU visited our University during four weeks. During their stay they attended courses taught by FIU and US teaching staff. A wide range of  cultural activities was offered, including visits to Granada and Córdoba. 

Aarhus University (Denmark)

Danish staff from Aarhus University visited us in November 17.  A group of thirty visitors will attended a one day  seminar on the Internationalization of the University, Spanish Education System and students’ current situation. The program also included a guided visit to the Rectorate Building (Ancient Tobacco Factory).