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Processing agreements and networks

General Agreements

Proposals for agreements for international relations and developmental cooperation should be submitted to the International Relations Service ( for review and subsequent processing with a brief memorandum detailing the benefits of its ratification for the University of Seville.

Providing the proposal has received a favorable report from the Legal Office it will be sent to the Governing Board for approval and then sanctioned by the rector. If the processing of the agreement is deemed urgent, then it should be sent to the Legal Office with a brief report detailing the reasons for such urgency. Once approved by the Legal Office it will bypass the Governing Board and be sent directly to the Rector for ratification.

Given the high number of agreements that already exist between the University of Seville and other foreign institutions, we would advise anyone hoping to submit a proposal for a new agreement to contact the International Relations Service (Tel. 34 954556301, e-mail: to see if there are any existing agreements before submitting said proposal. 

Standardized Agreements

In order to facilitate the establishment of international agreements at the University of Seville, on the 16th February 2009, the Governing Board approved a standardized cooperation agreement which is available below in several languages.

If the organization wishing to cooperate with the University of Seville fully accepts the standardised agreement without introducing any changes to the contract, then it will be directly forwarded to the Rector for ratification.


Proposals for joining a network or association promoting international cooperation must be submitted to the International Relations Service for review ( including the invitation letter of the organizing body.