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International Youth Online Competition Horizon 2100


The Center for Future Modelling (Russia) is pleased to announce about the International Youth Online Competition Horizon 2100

Students from more than 850 universities in Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America are invited to participate in the Contest.

A number of non-governmental organizations from different countries:

  • Center for Future Modelling (Russia)
  • Agency for International Cooperation in Education "AiBZ" (Germany)
  • Innovative Research and Education Center of the Institute for Problems of Management of the Institute of Management of the RAS, Moscow Aviation University MAI (Russia)
  • Non-governmental organization "Space Kids India" (India)
  • Youth public organization "Young World" (Russia)
  • Scientific Journal FUTURIBILI (Italy)
  • National Institute for System Studies on Problem of Entrepreneurship (Russia)

Take this opportunity to invite talented young people of Your esteemed University to take part in the International youth online competition of scientific and creative works "Horizon-2100".

Among the eminent experts leading the jury of the Contest:

Alberto Gasparini, Italy,

Doctor of Sociology,

Professor at the University of Trieste,

Founder of the International University Institute for European Studies IUIES,

Editor-in-Chief of the FUTURIBILI journal

Carlos Nemer, Brazil,

Doctor of economics,

Professor, Research scientist,

Expert in the field of mathematical economics and structural analysis,

General director of Carlos Nemer Consulting-CNC

Yuri Sidelnikov, Russia,

Doctor of technical sciences,

Professor, Chief researcher at the Institute for Management Problems, Institute of Management, Director of the Innovation Research and Education Center and Moscow Aviation University

Suheil Farah, Lebanon,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Ph.D.,

Professor, President of the Open University "Dialogue of Civilizations",

Founder of the Lebanon-Russian House in Lebanon in Beirut.

Students from more than 850 universities in Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America are invited to participate in the Contest.

Acceptance of works starts from January 31 to March 31, 2019

The winners will be given the right to participate in the final forum in Moscow during the summer of 2019.

More information about the contest can be found on our website:

We kindly ask you to inform your students about the Horizon-2100 Contest and to place information about the same on your university's internet resources.

Information about the project to be placed on Internet resources and an application for participants is available for download (

On behalf of the organizing committee:

Praveen Sankaran, India (English, Tamil, Hindi)

Ph: +7 985 120-96-23

Anakha Satish, India (Russian, English, Hindi)

Ph: +7 985 973-34-74

Irina Ledneva, Russia (Russian, Chinese, English)

Ph: +7 926 179-40-10

Ivan Mutkoglo, Moldova (Moldavian, Romanian, Turkish)

Ph: +373 684 27 742